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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I make my reservation?

The earlier the better to ensure you get the equipment you want for your event date.

How much will it cost?

Every event is unique and budgets range from high to low. Our consultation process will help match products and services to your budget.

What kind of deposit is required?

50% of your order will secure your date.

Can I still make changes to my order?

Absolutely! Just remember that additions are always subject to availability at the time.

When do I pay the balance?

We need your final numbers and payment of the final balance 7 days prior to your event date.

What happens if I need to cancel my order?

If you cancel 12 weeks or more ahead of your event date, we will refund 50% of your deposit.
If you cancel between 1 and 12 weeks ahead of the event, you will lose your deposit.
If you cancel within 7 days of the event date, the full order will be forfeit.
You might want to consider event and event cancellation insurance.

Do you deliver?

Yes. Delivery feed are determined by the location of your event and cover our basic 'tailgate' service, when your order is unloaded and stacked where our trucks can park at the site. Alternatively, you can pick you order from our Truckee warehouse during normal hours on the contracted date.

What time will you deliver?

We draw up our delivery schedules at the beggining of each week and try to work within a window of time, so you don't have to wait around all day for us. We also do our best to deliver the day before an event to reduce stress levels (including ours!). However, if you require a timed delivery the day before your event, there may be an additional fee.

Will you set up?

Yes, for an additional fee. We offer the following 3 levels of delivery service, which should be booked in advance.
1. Tailgate - your order will be unloaded and stacked where our trucks can park.
2. Unload and carry order from where trucks park to the actual event site - this might include stairs, elevators, 'long hauls', sand or ohter obstacles along the way, which require more time.
3. Set up and tear down all EventMasters' furniture at event site.

Do I need to wash dinnerware and linen?

All china, glass and flatware must be rinsed with water before being returned to avoid additional cleaning fees. Linens must be shaken free of all food and decorations. Please make sure your caterer/coordinator are aware of this standard rental policy.

What happens if something gets broken?

The person, whose name is on the rental contract, is ultimately responsible for all rental equipment while in their possession. If any items are missing at the time of return, we give a 24-hour grace period for their recovery before full replacement costs are charged to the credit card on file.
Ask about our 'Happy Ending' damage waiver option to avoid 'post event' charges.

Can I reserve a tent for bad wather?

Yes. Tent orders come with their own policies and procedures - please refer to our tent page for more information.

More questions?

Full details of our policies and procedures will be sent to you with your rental quote. These are an important part of the event planning process, so it's important that you understand them. If anything is still unclear, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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